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A Lesson from the Amazon Overlords at goodreads: How to Censor Without Appearing to Censor

Silly me. I thought the Amazon Overlords were not ashamed of their censorship practices. I assumed that when I defied their warning to stop reposting my deleted protest review, they would follow through with their threat to delete my account.

Instead, they elected to utilize a more stealthy method to silence my voice at goodreads...


(You aren't the only ones who can live and learn, Amazon Overlords...look at me using the Booklikes page break function for the first time.)


Although the Amazon Overlords have not deleted my account, they are now preventing me from posting comments on threads. When I attempt to do so, I get this message: "There was a problem saving your comment." (In fact, I can't even get the messages that I write in the comments section of my own account to show up in my updates.)


Well, thank goodness I now exist at Booklikes. To test my freedom of speech here, I'm going to try to post the comment that I was not allowed to post at goodreads:


In response to Sarah's comment on https://www.goodreads.com/user_status/show/34006206?page=2#comment_form ...

"Sarah wrote: "They deleted my Hydra review yesterday for being off-topic. No threat of being kicked off the site..."

Hold the phone...are you saying that the minions of the Amazon Overlords sent you an email wherein they explained why they had deleted your review, but did not end with any cautionary words about your account coming up for review if you continued to make posts that violated guidelines?


If so, that surely must be due to an oversight on the part of the minion. Because the Amazon Overlords have succeeded in convincing most goodreads members that everything will be AOK, if only they can find the 'right' words to review here.


Of course, there is another possible interpretation. It is theoretically possible that the Amazon Overlords might be having second thoughts about the utility of censorship. They (Bezos) may have said to themselves (himself): What exactly do I wish to accomplish here (in my life pursuits)? ...


Dear Mr. Bezos (Most powerful of the Amazon Overlords),

If you wish to make money, then do not drive away buyers with your ham handed review deletion tactics.


If you wish to build an empire, then make it as beautiful as an Egyptian pyramid. (Since we have the power to learn from history, an intelligent fellow like yourself surely has the capability to build something far more beautiful.)


If you wish to stomp on lesser folks, then please seek out psychiatric help. (You are a freaking god of commerce fer gosh sakes! Any vestige of inferiority complex should be well past you now. So what can you possibly hope to gain by suppressing the tempestuous dialogue of mankind's intellectual evolution? There is no more beautiful song than that of mankind groping its way to comprehension. Let us sing that song!)




P.S. If this doesn't show up in my own status update, then I will interpret that to mean that the Amazon Overlords have shut off the outward flow of info from my account. What a clever way to get around having to admit that they are trying to muzzle a human."


P.P.S. Thanks Mr. Bezos for reinforcing my intention to never return to goodreads as a giver (I assume that you have chosen to devalue all I did for goodreads, back when I loved the site: all the reviews, new quotes, corrections, missing bits, etc.) In future, I will only exist there as a reflection of you: I shall only be a user. Aren't you proud to have taught me that functionality?


Update: after I posted this on Booklikes, it mysteriously was able to show up on the update of my goodreads account...but not the thread where I originally tried to post it.