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What Wendy Wants

What Wendy Wants - Nikki Sex This is, in my opinion, the best story Ms. Sex has written to date! Which is sort of surprising to me as I'm not crazy about short stories.

But, within this short story she managed to get enough backstory about the 2 MC, and information from each their points of view to let me, the reader, connect to them, and therefore be involved in their story.

I also loved the humor, it wasn't forced but was natural & 'gentle', not heavy handed. The entire story flowed, never felt forced, contrived, or had 'filler situations'.

This story wasn't the 'usual' boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. Just a look into the life of a long married, in love couple who really didn't have a sex life. And the sex! It did not overwhelm or crowd out the story, & had a lovely prelude of teasing.

Great fun to read, I hope Ms. Sex writes more in this vein.