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On His Terms (Mastered #2)

On His Terms (Mastered #2) - Sierra Cartwright I thought I had read this book, what a delightful surprise to find out I hadn't! Master Alex is the epitome of Alpha Males. He is a former sub trainer who has been out of the business of training since he fell for his last sub, with disastrous results. Chelsea is a proudly independent woman who has her eye on a rock star for her PR firm. She has come to the Den to find herself the ultimate sub trainer, Alex, & get him to accept her for training. Her rock star is a DOM who she has tried to get the eye of before but who showed no interest in her when he found out she had no experience as a sub. She has finagled an invitation to Alex's birthday party at the Den, where both he & the rock star will be in attendance. Chelsea has 'played' at kink, but she finds out that night that she has no real idea what submission is.

She does get Alex to agree to train her & their next 2 weeks are hot, hot, hot! As always the sex & emotions between the two main characters are detailed & vivid. But, as before, what I miss is more back story, on what happened between Alex & his previous sub, who he wanted to marry. Small complaint, I didn't put the book down until I had finished it. It also has a lot of references to Denver, where I live, and is based in a small town in the Rockies. Ms Cartwright's Mastered Series is one of my favorites.