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A Suitcase Mystery

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A Suitcase Mystery - Ned Stevens

This book, same title, same basic synopsis, but different author - Steven Nedelton, was/is listed on Goodreads & Amazon in the Kindle edition.  


I was looking for it due to some things I read in the Megathread in Feedback on GR, and a review on Amazon, to mark it as a 'never' read.


I just found the difference in author listings interesting.


Upon further investigation I see where there is A Suitcase Mystery 2, Nemesis, that lists both names of the author.  I'm not saying using more than 1 name is trying to be deceptive, I know many authors who do that, but they don't have 2 different names on the same book, one the kindle version, one the paperback, & one had a BBA review