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The Reason I Won't Be Seeing Ender's Game

Reblogged from Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus:

Despite loving the novel, I can't read more of Card's work, and I won't be seeing the movie, or supporting that Franchise.   Why not?   Simple.   Orson Scott Card is a hateful man.  I choose not to give him money, which he will then, more than likely, use to support quashing the rights of anyone who has a different sexual orientation than he does.  I feel like I'm hurting my friends when I give Mr. Card money, because he's so vocally supportive of restrictions on marriage - as in only a man and woman can be married.  I do not believe this to be true. 


I respect Mr. Card's right to his own opinion, but I can't help but look at a lot of his books in a different light.  I notice the lack of diversity in his novels now, in a way I hadn't before.   I can't separate the author from the novel because his opinions make their way into the novels.   (From some of the articles I've read, some novels more extensively than others.   There appear to be some works that are hardcore into 'changing'/'saving' gays by having them marry women.)   When I think back about Ender's Game, I feel uneasy and slightly nauseated at having bought this book for my Kindle knowing what I do now.   


Mr. Card's beliefs are not rumor, nor speculation.   He writes about them himself, and he's not shy about making them known to the whole world.   


Does Mr. Card have the right to be a flaming homophobe?   Sure, he does.   But I have a right to say I don't support him.   Not only that, I simply can't really enjoy his writing now that I know just how much of a hard on he has for 'straight is the only way'.    I choose not to support hate by not giving my money to a very rich man who gives money to causes that are hateful.   


The truth is I have a ton to read, so much so that I won't miss Card's books.   I'll be sad, sometimes, when I see a new Ender's Game novel come out, or I'll watch the previews for the movie - gaze at it longingly, actually, if my gay friend's 'it looks so cool, but I hate to say it, or recommend it, and I hate telling people to go see it' ramble was correct - but I'll feel sick if I pay money for the books, or to see the movie.   And then I'll go watch something, or read something, that I won't feel guilty about in the end.   


Also, I promised my sister, and my gay and lesbian friends, I wouldn't see this movie.  My sister made me promise because her gay and lesbian friends don't want me to see this movie, at least partly, but more because she has a kind soul and also doesn't want me to give Mr. Card more money to fuel the attempts to keep basic rights away from those who aren't the same as Mr. Card. 


To those who do choose to see the movie, I really hope it looks as awesome as I told it looked.   I really do, so you enjoy the movie.   Not everyone shares my belief, and I won't try to force it on anyone else.