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GR Sadness

Thread 1: Authors Spamming Listopia - GR reaction, flag the individual votes and they will be investigated. However, the voters can't be flagged if they don't have a profile pic.


Thread 2: Goodreads Authors Listopia Voting Schemes - Apparently it is not against the ToS to have author circle jerks, but GR say that if you think the ToS has been contravened then to email them and they will investigate it. Topic frozen.


Thread 3. Listopia Abuse - Goodreads Authors Gaming The System - Flag or email GR "if you suspect abuse". Topic frozen.


Thread 4. Listopia about commercial spammers - long discussion, GR says they will run scripts to remove these spammers/listopias.


From that I gather that spamming listopia is absolutely not allowed and GR will do something about it. Unless it is by authors and Fiverr (people selling 15 listopia votes and more for $5) in which it is perfectly ok and anyone pursuing the topic will find it frozen.  After all mustn't hurt the authors who are only, poor dears, trying to sell their books and help GrAmazon make lots more money.


It is so disillusioing to see a site I loved for more than 5 years change from being reader, book and review oriented into one that is essentially another Amazon marketplace.