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Xanga and I why I love BookLikes

(Let Petra X know, not me, Sandi. ;-)).


I did Xanga for years. There was a big circle of us who blogged regularly and got to know each other.  I had some really interesting friends there. One, a very well-off young woman traveller from Brunei Darussalam, another a dog trainer at the highest level in Australia and an American from North Carolina, ex-drug dealer, ex-Christian fundamentalist, ex-Messianic Jew turned charity fundraiser  and photographer. They wrote fascinating blogs about their lives.  Then there was Facebook.


And the minutae of people's lives, "the woman in the next cubicle is always....", "I made chocolate chip cookies from a new recipe," and 'X is in Starbucks', made considerably less fascinating reading. It just bored me, I couldn't do it. But I found Goodreads!


I couldn't blog on Goodreads for true, but it was all about books and friends again. Until Otis got more about money than members.  Over the years I tried various blogging sites as well, but I could never find community. Then there was Booklikes, books and blogging, and best of all, community. That's why I love it here.


If there are any Xanga people here I'd love to hear from you.