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Hi to my fans at the evil green site


Since you seem to find my activity interesting, and the fact that authors--not you in particular, so you should really quit patting yourselves on the back--have driven me to tears to be something worth celebrating/discussing, allow me to clear some things up for you.


First, let's talk about something with which you play fast and loose:  the truth.  If a reader is telling lies about you, you have a right to be upset (more on how to express it later).  Here's the thing though:  you don't seem to know what a lie is.  When a reader says "this author came on my review and attacked me for not liking her book", and there is a screenshot of your comment attacking the reviewer for not liking your book, then that's not a lie.  You don't get to say it is.  When you do, the only one lying is you.  Similarly, when an author claims that a review is a personal attack, and the only thing the review does is list a bunch of reasons why the book was bad, that author is also lying.


I know you don't get this.  You clearly don't get this, because almost everything you post is a lie.  Did nobody ever tell you that lying was wrong?  Did nobody ever tell you that the truth always comes out, and then things are worse than they would have been if you'd just told the truth in the beginning?  Or are you seriously this confused as to what is actually happening around you?


The truth is not something you get to rewrite the way you mold the world in your novels.


Second, being an author is your job.  Criticism is part of the job description.  Dealing with it professionally and responsibly is part of the job requirements.  If you can't deal with the requirements of your job, then you should not be in the business.  If you choose to continue to stay in the business, then yes, you need to grow a thicker skin.  You need to get over that bad review.  You need to suck it up when people don't like your work.  And if you still feel upset, then you need to deal with it outside the public eye.


Writing reviews and talking about books, on the other hand, is my hobby.  There is no part of the description of my hobby that says I will have authors telling lies about me (or other readers) if I don't like their book.  It's not a hobby requirement.  There's no such thing as a hobby requirement!  If, then, I've had enough of author tantrums, and author lies, and author attacks; if I have, in fact, decided to stop writing reviews and fighting a fight that no reader should ever have been forced to fight in the first place, nobody has a right to tell me to suck it upBecause this is a hobby.  It's something I do for fun, not for pay or fame.  If it's not fun anymore, then a sane person should stop doing it.


The fact that you don't seem to understand the difference between a job and a hobby is just another reason you can't make a living writing books.  You not only have trouble with the truth, you have a disconnect from reality, and you don't understand simple things like what words mean.


Bottom line:  a reader in tears because of author harassment should never be a mark of triumph for anyone who wants to be an author.  It's a mark of shame.


And it's really telling that you lot are wearing it with such pride.