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I am not amused

A Day in the Life of Trixie Pristine - Laina Turner

This is not a book, it's about 50 pages of set up for the first book in the series.  It is called a 'prequel' on the author's web site.


My own fault, I didn't do any research ahead of time, I usually don't when it's free.  The reason I am so upset is, I was really enjoying this.  Even with some editing issues, and awkward sentence structure in places, I found it to be totally enjoyable, something that I had not experienced with a book in awhile.  


So, they find the first body & that's where the 'book' ends.


I will not be purchasing any of the books in this series.  The first one is $3.00 for 100 pages.  If you extrapolate that, a normal paperback of 300 pages would be $9.00, for the ebook version.  It ain't happening.  I feel the prices for ebooks have gotten ridiculous.  I can always reread my print books, get ebooks from my library, & get the ones I consider reasonably priced.


My library doesn't carry this author.  So, the main reason I'm pissed is I really liked the characters, the writing, & the story, what I did read of it.


because i I really liked the little bit of story, but feel 'ripped off', even though I didn't pay money for it, I'm not giving it a rating.